What Our Customers Say

What ex-students say:

  • Wow, you are really super efficient w replying emails!”
  • I’m really glad to have you as our tutor! Cos you are able to cut thru all the crap & focus on what is really important for us to know – and i know that is one of the most difficult part of teaching.
  • Thank you sooooo much for your constant encouragement, u are the most amazing tutor I have ever met !

School of Business, SIM University
2008 – 2012

  • Every student in the class is full of praises for her. Efficient & effective in establishing a positive learning environment, she diligently provides us with useful and timely feedback to help us improve our written work. Her assignments require thinking beyond rote memory or textbook answers. She illustrates concepts with practical and real life examples drawn from both overseas and local cases, and especially from her wealth of industrial experience. Always attempting to elicit participation from all members of the class, she encourages critical & analytical thinking. Presenting material in a clear, organized and logical manner, Ms Tan has this rare gift of bringing herself down to her students’ level.

Samuel Chua,
Master in Customer Service Management
Nottingham Trent University

What ex-colleagues say:

  • You are very professional and I admire you for this
  • You are someone who makes this world a better place just by being in it
  • Thanks for the hard work.
    You have a spirit of sharing which is not common in today’s self-centred culture.
  • You are a wonderful helper.  Maybe the government should learn about service quality from you.
    Fast, efficient and to the point.
  • I have yet to meet a more meticulous lecturer like you.  This is no flattery.

What ex-participants say :

  • Ms Tan is meticulous with her facilitation … Course participants found her presentations easy to understand, interesting, yet practical.
  • Chor Hoong impressed me with both the breadth and depth of her experience and wows her audience with her PASSION …
  • Beneath that wealth of expertise & experience is a warm and approachable personality, empathetic, flexible, accommodating and customer-oriented.