• Singapore Quality Class 
    Wouldn’t you like to put in place a Management framework that will help you achieve profit growth 4 times that of your competitors? Let TQM Consultancy lead you there … Our Principal Consultant is US-trained in this framework and has 26 years of experience assisting companies in their quest for Quality supremacy 
  • Customer-centric Initiative
    A Customer-centric Initiative is a consulting project with the objective of raising service quality and which is eligible for funding by SPRING’s Capability Development Grant
  • Developing KPIs for Performance Management
    Myth: KPI is a tool linked to supporting a company’s “Compensation & Benefits”.
    Truth: KPI is a comprehensive, holistic framework that measures ALL aspects of an organization’s performance … aligned top-down, leading to lagging, supplier management to customer satisfaction measurement, to the CEO’s radar ! Let TQM Consultancy help you customize this framework, put in place a system that’s made-to-your-organization’s-measure …
  • Process / Productivity Improvement: The Art of Corporate Bonsai
    Processes are the building blocks of your business. If left to evolve, processes tend to grow like wild bushes. To stay agile and efficient, your processes should be trimmed and groomed to look like award-winning bonsais.
    Just as the bonsai gardener is going to snip more than a few leaves from an unkempt bush to turn it into his shapely bonsai, we are going to shoot for double or even triple digit stretch goals, as opposed to the classical SMART goals to power quantum leap improvements …