Our Principal Consultant

picChor Hoong holds a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Honours) and an MBA (majoring in Marketing), both from the National University of Singapore,

She brings with her …

  • More than 11 years of Quality Management expertise from Singapore’s first SQA (Singapore Quality Award) winner, Texas Instruments Singapore (TIS)
  • years of invaluable Customer Relationship Management experience, in her capacities, first as Q&R Engineering Manager and then, as Total Quality Manager of TI Singapore

As the central focal point for all of TI Singapore’s key accounts WORLDWIDE (US, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific), Chor Hoong was responsible for coordinating customer visits/audits, working with customers on quality issues, problems and complaints as well as proactively visiting regional customers regularly to promote the Singapore operation’s Quality branding.

Chor Hoong is very well versed in the SQA and Biz Excellence frameworks, being US-trained in the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, around which our own is designed.

Through her work with the Service industry, she has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Quality is a universal discipline.  Her clients in the Service sector include Ascendas, Sunway Bhd, Shell (HR), HP Sales, Mount Elizabeth and East Shore Hospitals, SAP Asia, Monsanto Far East, EGS (a Shell subsidiary), SPRING, CAAS, PSA, HDB, MINDEF, NATAS, EU Holidays and Samsung …

Her work with the Service industry is focused on Service Excellence, Customer Satisfaction management, Process Reengineering and the DESIGN of KPIs for performance excellence.

A pioneer in Business Process Reengineering (BPR), designing work processes that deliver customer value effectively and efficiently is Chor Hoong’s forte.  She will show you how     Re-engineering can deliver QUANTUM LEAP improvements in ALL KPIs in one fell swoop.

Yet another rare competency, Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM), is derived from the powerful synergy of her MBA Marketing Research background, combined with her expertise in Statistics.

Chor Hoong was a key contributor to the NATAS Group Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) in 2010, being the mastermind behind the design of the Travel Industry Customer Satisfaction Index for the Mega-project. And, in 2015, she brought well-known travel agency, EU Holidays, to the Singapore Quality Class in just 10 months.

Chor Hoong has consulted and trained in two languages, English and Mandarin, in the following countries outside of Singapore: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia and as far away as the USA.

Her appointments by James Cook University (JCU), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Nottingham Trent University to deliver the Total Quality modules for their respective Master

Degree Programs, are definitely endorsements and recognition of her expertise in the Quality disciplines.  She was also engaged by UniSIM from 2008 through 2012, where she delivered Business Statistics, Quantitative Methods and TQM for its Business School’s Undergrad programs.

A bilingual author, Chor Hoong has published The 8 Habits of Quality People (2004), 8 Romances (2009) and 网球场上的恋情 (2010). Fore-worded by the distinguished Dr Ahmad Magad, ex-Member of Parliament, “8 Habits” (not related to Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in any way whatsoever), is the crystallization of three decades of extensive and intensive industrial and consulting experience.

From her books, it is crystal clear what Chor Hoong stands for – a Customer First mindset, thinking out-of-the-box, a tenacious pursuit of “impossibilities”, stronger, more impassioned corporate leadership and a burning passion for excellence!  These publications are available in major e-book stores – Amazon, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, Kobo and M1 Learning Centre.

CH is ACTA (Adv Cert in Trng & Assessment)-certified and a PMC (Practising Management Consultant).